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The location and extent of the cataract also determines the extent of the vision impairment. For example, vision may be significantly impaired if the centre of the lens is affected nuclear cataracts; however, if the edges of the lens are affected cortical cataracts vision impairment may be barely noticeable.
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Cataracts are common in older people. Due to its association with ageing, eventually everyone will develop a cataract if they live long enough. By the age of 80, almost all of us will have some degree of cataract formation. Symptoms of cataracts.
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During surgery, the cloudy lens is replaced with a substitute lens. Your doctor may also recommend having cataract surgery if.: You have other eye conditions. The cataract threatens to cause another eye disorder. The cataract prevents examination or treatment for another eye problem.
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Latest research on cataracts. Key topics in cataract research include developing a non-surgical treatment for preventing or delaying cataract and preventing a common complication of cataract surgery called 'posterior' capsule opacification in which the natural membrane situated directly behind the artificial lens clouds over and needs treatment to clear it again.
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could pay for life-changing cataract surgery for four adults. could pay for sight-saving operations for two children with cataracts. could buy instruments, dressings and pharmaceuticals for five cataract operations. could pay for life-changing cataract surgery for four adults. could pay for sight-saving operations for two children with cataracts.
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National Eye Institute: Facts" About Cataract." American Academy of Ophthalmology: Cataracts, What" Is Astigmatism" Astigmatism" Symptoms, Cataract" Surgery, Cataract Diagnosis and Treatment, Traditional" Cataract Surgery vs. Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, Retinal" Detachment: What Is a Torn or Detached Retina" When" Cancer Treatment Caused Cataracts, Surgery Helped Her See Again, Anterior" Polar Cataract, Snowflake" Cataracts."
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The major early and late complications of cataract surgery are infectious endophthalmitis, intraoperative suprachoroidal hemorrhage, cystoid macular edema, retinal detachment, corneal edema/bullous keratopathy, IOL dislocation, and posterior capsule opacification Table 3.2 Although acute postoperative endophthalmitis after cataract surgery is rare, it continues to be a devastating complication.
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A 62-year-old woman presented with traumatic cataract induced by a misplanted minishunt penetrating into the peripheral iris and capsular bag. Comment on: Posterior continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis with anterior vitrectomy versus optic capture buttonholing without anterior vitrectomy in pediatric cataract surgery.
HYPERMATURE CATARACT Which is characterized by wrinkling of the capsule dueto liquefied lens cortex and morgagniancataract sinking of lens nucleus inferiorly within thecapsule This can cause inflammation, eye pain and headache if complicated by glaucoma A hypermature cataract is rare and needs removal.
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Cataract Staar: aandoening staaroperatie. Refractiechirurgie zonder bril. Refractiechirurgie zonder bril. Je bent nu hier: Ooglens: staar Cataract Staar: aandoening staaroperatie. Cataract Staar: aandoening staaroperatie. Opbouw van het oog en de ooglens. Wat is staar en hoe vaak komt het voor?

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